Combined Regatta Practice

Breeches-buoy training

On Sunday, March 12 at the SF Sea Scout Base, SSS Viking (Ship 100) and SSS Corsair (Ship 22) had their 2nd regatta practice of the season. They also invited SSS Sea Fox (Ship 9) to come and train each other on the events each ship doesn’t normally have access to. Viking and Corsair gave the Sea Fox pointers on rowing and flotilla (a fancier, more technical version of rowing), while the Sea Fox trained the Viking and Corsair in Breeches Buoy (generously bringing all of the equipment to carry out this event), which requires a team to set up a temporary zipline and send people down from a tower. The event is meant to be a simulation of 2 ships: one ship is in distress and the other is helping them. Sea Fox brought their own equipment for the event, which the SF base does not have.
In addition to this, Viking and Corsair practiced other skills needed for the regattas such as knot tying, throwing a ring buoy, heaving a coil of line, and taking a quiz filled with questions about the knowledge they learned through the Sea Scout rank advancement. The three ships enjoyed practicing together and learning from each other and this is an impressive start to a very exciting regatta season! Hopefully more collaboration like this can happen in the future.

Viking scouts practicing breeches buoy
Corsair practicing Breeches Buoy at the SF Sea Scout base
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