Rebecca Linger PhD.

Rebecca Linger PhD, Ship 120 “Navigator” San Francisco; Full Professor of Chemistry, University of Charleston School of Pharmacy, WV

Becky was one of the first female Quartermasters, earning the award in 1981, when there weren’t many females advancing in Sea Scouts. Her program vessel was a former US Navy sailing lifeboat. She is an excellent pilot and her boat won most of the races in her time with her Ship. She teaches pharmacy and has coauthored a recent book on plant-based medicine “The Toxicology of Select Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern North America.” Coauthored with Dennis Flaherty, Ph.D. “The program trains us to be teachers.” To earn Able and Quartermaster you must teach your skills to the younger scouts. “I think that experience shows some of us how wonderful it is to teach, and we end up seeking out those careers.” Becky also is the program coordinator for Kanawha Valley Master Naturalists where she trains adults to become docents of our natural environment.

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