Aurora Hartwig de Heer

Photo of Aurora Hartwig de Heer, Ship100 Viking in San Francisco.

Aurora Hartwig de Heer, Ship 100, “Viking” San Francisco; Manager of East Coast Managed Review Operations


When Aurora was her Ship’s Bo’s’n (Sea Scouts version of SPL) she earned the Quartermaster Award in 1998. Her program boat was a 30’ open sailing whaleboat. Her all female crew sailed the San Francisco Bay and Delta region and slept on the deck of their 1939 wooden boat.


“I’ve done plenty of things that could be considered ‘leadership’ since Sea Scouts, club leadership roles in College and Law School, Secretary of the San Francisco Chapter of the ACLU and my current employment at a major D.C. law firm. Being a Sea Scout definitely taught me a lot about leadership and projecting confidence, so surely contributed to my willingness to step up into the ACLU role at age 21. Scouting taught me so much… how to delegate leadership responsibilities to others and to help build their confidence as well. These lifelong leadership lessons that I’ve taken with me every step of the way and may not have been developed without my experience as a member of Viking crew (go Ship 100!).”

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