Quartermasters Four

Recognizing four new quartermasters with their ship's crews behind them.

Quartermaster Landship Ceremony

Golden Gate District (San Francisco) of Golden Gate Area Council held its much delayed Landship (Sea Scout equivalent of a Bridge of Honor) on Feb 6th. Maritime Explorer Club 19 “Makani” recognized its members who bridged into a Ship over the course of the last couple of years. Corsair (Ship 22) Viking (Ship 100) recognized Scouts in every rank category. Special Congratulations go to four new Quartermasters (Eagle equivalent), Michael McGarvin of Ship 22, Aiden Povlsen of Ship 22, Georgia Povlsen of Ship 100, and Zachary Sovereign of Ship 22. All four Scouts passed their Board of Reviews in late 2019 and have since become active adult volunteers with their ships. Michael McGarvin is also the Skipper of Ship 6 “Mischief.” Thank you to Skipper Wu of Ship 22, our 2021 Council Flagship, for coaching his crew to run an excellent example of a Landship, and to Explorer Advisor Louise Hendzel for coaching and mentoring the largest Maritime Explorer Club in the world and bringing them to see and participate in their first Landship. We had 45 Scouts in attendance at this event.

Guests at the Feb 2022 Landshipp ceremony.
Sea Scouts at the Flags ceremnoy for their Landship ceremony.
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