SSS Viking Honored by U.S. Navy

SSS Viking group selfie with Navy admiral and national flagship award

U.S. Navy Honors SSS Viking 100 with National Flagship Recognition

On June 1, Sea Scout Ship (SSS) Viking “100” was recognized with the National Flagship award by a US Navy Admiral

Golden Gate Area Council’s Sea Scout Ship Viking “100” won the National Flagship award on April 19 (press release here). The National Flagship award is given to the best Sea Scout group in the country, based on the group’s accomplishments throughout the past year. Rear Admiral Leonard Dollaga (from Vallejo, CA) awarded Viking this honor on June 1, in a ceremony that also kicked off fleet week. Admiral Dollaga talked about his experience and journey through the Navy and about how important youth programs like Sea Scouts are in building future leaders and thanked Viking on their commitment to the local community.

This is the second time SSS Viking has won in under 10 years (the last being in 2016), out of over 300 groups across the country, which is especially unusual for an all-girls’ Sea Scouts group. Check out the KPIX news story below about SSS Viking’s award and share far and wide so more people can find out about scouting!

KPIX story on SSS Viking
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