Seafarers Regatta – 2023

Group of Sea Scout Ship Corsair members rowing in a whaleboat

Seafarers Regatta

Join us at Seafarers Regatta on Saturday, April 1, 2023 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm
at the Albatross Sea Scout Base in Martinez.

Sea Scout regattas are a great chance for Sea Scout ships to compete in a friendly way in over 20 events such as
  • Rowing,
  • Knots,
  • Scuttlebutt,
  • Breeches Buoy,
  • Rope Climb,
  • Drill, and more

They help improve everyone’s scouting and teamwork skills. Most importantly, they’re fun!

Raising the scuttlebutt
Breeches Buoy in action
Seafarers is the first regatta competition of the spring season for Sea Scouts. Families, friends, and fellow Scouters are welcome to come check it out for the day.  And, check out this article: Preparing for the competition.

Come and see what Sea Scouts is all about!

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