Ancient Mariner Regatta – 2024

Ancient Mariner Regatta

California Maritime Academy, Vallejo, CA – May 24-27, 2024

Golden Gate Area Council (GGAC) ships competed at Ancient Mariner Regatta (AMR) this past weekend. 19 teams competed in total, from as far as Los Angeles and Hawaii. Ships competed in 19 different events, including rope climb, flotilla, marine distress, scuttlebutt, obstacle course, and more. It was a beautiful weekend, which was a relief after two rainy regattas this season. In addition, this year was one of the more competitive years since COVID, with more scores more similar to pre-COVID in various events.

GGAC Sea Scout Ships Albatross, Chaser, Corsair, Northland, Sea Fox, and Viking competed at this year’s regatta. Sea Scout regattas are a lot of fun because each event is scored individually, so teams often have a specialty they’re particularly good at. In addition, overall class awards are given, which combine the rankings in individual events, and give ships a chance to compete on an overall level against each other. There are also a number of special awards given out each year, including drill, pulling, etc. trophies.

This year, the Golden Bear (CMA’s training ship) was still on campus so ships were able to go on tours and see where CMA attendees live and work during their time at the college.

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